ATG-50 Dispenser

ATG-50 Dispenser– Designed to dispense all ATG compatible tapes, these dispensers are less expensive than 3M. They come in a wide variety of colors but they all work the same way. These dispensers can handle 1/4″ wide tapes without an adaptor.


Step 1 —To open your dispenser, start by holding the dispenser’s handle with one hand. Place your other hand on top of the dispenser while using your thumb on the tabbed piece to pull up and open the cover.


Step 2 —With the dispenser fully opened, take notice of the important details by examining the parts inside the ATG-50. Leave the dispenser in this position to begin the loading your tape.


Step 3 —The tape is placed on to the ATG-50’s front spindle. The spindle has a peg that lines up with a slot in the tape core. This prevents the tape from slipping during application.


Step 4 —Notice how the plastic core of the tape has slots in it. Sometimes they go all the way through, sometimes they are only open from one side.


Step 5 —The tape has a non-adhesive leader to make the loading easier. Unwind about 6 inches of the leader.

When you slide the tape onto the front spindle it will be locked in by a clip on the spindle (see the next photo). To push the tape down just push on the plastic core. If you push on the tape part you will deform it.



Step 6 —Load the roll onto the front spindle with the leader feeding off the bottom of the roll. Use the photo for reference.


Step 7 —Feed the leader through the rollers. Pull the trigger to feed out more leader.


Step 8 —While holding the trigger pull the leader around the top of the roll of tape. Pull the leader past the rear pick up spindle.


Step 9 —The rear pick-up spindle has 2 slots in it. I am pointing to them in this photo but they are hard to see.

The pick-up spindle can be turned without holding the trigger. Twist the spindle so the slots are at the rear of the dispenser (see next photo).


Step 10 —Wrap the leader over the roll of tape and between the roll and the pick-up spindle so it comes out the back. Feed it into the slots on the pick-up spindle.


Step 11 —Hold the trigger and twist the pick-up spindle counter-clockwise to wrap the tape around it. This locks the tape in place.


Step 12 —The metal ring in the center of the pick-up spindle is the tension adjustment control. The dispenser requires some tension to work correctly.If you lose this the dispenser will not work correctly.

The dispenser should work smoothly and the tape should wind up on the pick-up spindle without any slack in it. If the tape is difficult to dispense reduce the tension by turning the ring counter-clockwise. If there is slack on the take-up add tension by turning the ring clockwise.

You may have to play with it a little to get it right.


Step 13 —The adhesive won’t dispense correctly if it gets above the center of the application roller. Simple wipe down the adhesive until there is a separation in the adhesive. Continue wiping down until the adhesive is below the center of the application roller.


Step 14 —The ATG 50 dispenser is now loaded and ready to use. Place the application roller where you want the adhesive to start. Pull the trigger and hold it while you pull the dispenser back toward you. Make sure you keep the roller in contact with the paper at all times.

When you get to the point you want to stop let go of the trigger and lift up. The adhesive will tear cleanly.