TAPE-RITE is a convertor of adhesive tapes. That means we buy tape in bulk rolls and then we cut it to size in our on premises shop. Because we do it all ourselves it gets done fast at competitive pricing with high quality. This means you don't need to order too much stuff too far in advance. We hold on to the inventory and produce it to your order. This allows you to free up capital and warehouse space for other uses.

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

Printed Tape

Printed Tapes

Printed tapes offer extra tamper evidence, package identification, advertising and more. Critical dimensions can be maintained allowing for printed rulers or pre-measured pieces. We can print forms on tape as well allowing variable information to be filled in for a variety of purposes. We can now print on athletic tape (hockey tape) to let your team colors show on or off the field.

Bowling Tape

Die Cutting

Die-cutting tape to your required shape saves time and money during assembly. Pre-cut pieces are always the right size preventing rejects from poorly made hand cut pieces. We can die-cut almost any tape. Send us your specs and see how we can help your production.

Slit to width tape

Slitting to Width

We can slit almost any tape to any width you require from 1/64" on up. Some tapes (like foam tapes) are much more difficult to slit to very narrow widths than others so check with us to see if there are any issues with what you want done. Our slitters are computer controlled for high quality and superior accuracy every time.


Laminating is simply taking 2 or more layers and sticking them together. We can laminate many tapes together to give you the finished product you desire. Laminating is also the fast way to add adhesive to many non-adhesive materials. We can do this by laminating double-coated tapes to the back of whatever you want to become self-adhesive.

Custom Packaging

Tape-Rite offers custom packaging for many of the tapes we supply. Bagging, boxing, shrink wrapping and more is available. Just let us know what you are looking for.

Rewinding to Length

Most tapes can be made into shorter length rolls for retail sale or inclusion in kits. They can be put on 1″, 1.5″ or 3″ diameter cores.


We can turn almost any product we sell into a kit for retail sale. Since we do it ourselves the minimums are small and we can turn them out fast.

Custom Printed Liner

Custom Printed Liners keep your brand in front of the end user until the moment they use your product.

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Packaging is a quick and easy way to prepare products for retail sale.

Shrink Wrapping

Clear, tough shrink wrap protects your product from dirt and grime while providing visibility to the consumer.

Header Cards

Custom Printed Header Cards are a great way to identify your product at the retail level. We can work with header card you supply or we can source them if you need us to.

Labeling / Bar Coding

We can produce barcode labels. Our label software allows us to work with any format of barcode.


Plastic bags are a quick, inexpensive way to protect your product from dirt, grime, and damage during shipping or while on the shelf.