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We realize that this website can’t answer all of your questions. That’s why TAPE-RITE is the home of DR. TAPE, the world’s leading expert on tapes and their applications. He lives to solve your tape problems.

Dr. Tape and his staff of experts will help gladly answer your questions AT NO CHARGE. If you need a product that we don’t sell (a very remote possibility) he will tell you where to get it.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Experience. Lots of it. If a special construction for a special project is needed we have probably seen it in our 55 years of business. Dr. Tape has been at it for 38 of those years and his partner Geoff for almost 30. That is why we say we are The Specialists in Specialty Tapes™.

Absolutely!! We have a complete on-site production facility that lets us give you the exact size or shape you need for your project. Custom shapes may require a tooling charge to make a die that is the shape you need. This charge can range from $200.00 to several thousand dollars depending on its complexity and size.

It depends on the tape you are buying. For most stock items the minimum order is $100.00. For die-cut shapes the minimum order is $250.00 plus the cost of the die. There are certain tapes we don’t stock. If we need to order one of them just for you, the minimum order is based on how much we have to order.

It depends on the tape you need and whether or not it requires special processing. Most stock materials ship within 24 hours. If we need to order in special material or tooling then it could be up to 3 weeks.

YES!! We do this quite a bit. Our labor is reasonably priced and we will do it in a timely fashion.

Yes!! We ship around the globe to fill your tape needs.

Our standard payment terms are Net 30 days with approved credit. We do not offer discounts for early payments. If you are not approved for Net 30 days then you can use VISA , Master Card or AMEX to pay your bill. Due to the large amount of fraud coming from certain countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Chad to name just a few) we may ask for payment in advance if we suspect fraud.

It depends on the material and why you are unhappy. If it is a problem with the way we processed the tape then we will gladly work with you to correct the problem. If you order material by mistake then we may take it back with a 20% restocking fee. Special order items may not be returnable at all.

Samples are usually available free of charge. Occasionally we get charged for a sample from our supplier so we would have to charge you for it.