How can we make this claim? Easy! At Tape-Rite, we live for adhesive tape. We eat it, sleep it, talk about it – we’re obsessed with it! Why? Because tape isn’t our sideline – it’s our only line! Hey, we’re not called TAPE & OTHER STUFF-RITE, just TAPE-RITE! We deal with over 40 manufacturers from around the world allowing us to provide the exact product you need, usually shipped in one business day. And everything we sell is backed by our satisfaction guarantee (unless you ignore our advice, in which case it’s caveat emptor).

We were founded in 1952 by Irwin “the Tape Meister” Machover. This makes us one of the oldest (and largest) tape converters in the USA. Over the years we earned a reputation of having hard to find tapes on the shelf in any size required.

Today TAPE-RITE is run by a second generation of Machovers – Andy and Geoff. When we were young our father instilled his love of tape in us by having us come in on weekends and holidays to sort and pack tape (at slave wages I might add). But his foresight paid off. Today we continue our tradition of high quality, wide selection, large inventory and competitive prices so you can get the tape you want when you need it.

If you’ve got a sticky problem call us and join the thousands of people who have stuck with TAPE-RITE !!