Die-cutting produces pre-cut pieces that are ready for application. This saves you time and money by eliminating manual labor during manufacture or assembly of your finished product. Die-cut pieces are also perfect for kits. Putting them in the kit makes the consumer add the labor to apply them. This saves even more money.

Die-cut adhesive tape pieces are also perfect for retail sale in hardware stores, supermarkets, home centers and more. Custom packaging is available. 

Most tapes can be die-cut by a variety of methods including rotary, flat-bed or plotter. The method used will be determined by the type of material to be cut, the finished shape and the quantity required. If a die (tool) needs to be made it will be quoted along with the price of the tape. After approval the tool is made and the job can be run. The die-cut adhesive tape pieces can be made on a roll, as individual pieces or on sheets with multiple pieces per sheet. Send us your drawing today for a free quote on your requirements.