Slide: Tape-Rite- The Specialist in Specialty Tape

Click here to Download Founded in 1952, Tape-Rite is one of the oldest tape converters in the USA. We deal with over 40 manufacturers from around the world. Everything we sell is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. We provide high quality, wide selection, large inventory and competitive prices so you can get the tape you […]

Slide: An Overview of Electrical Insulation Tapes

Click here to Download Electrical insulation tape can be applied to bare wire by rolling the tape both around and along the wire. Make sure that there are no gaps to ensure good insulation and to lock out moisture.

Video: Ask Dr. Tape

Dr. Tape is the world’s leading expert on tapes and their applications. He lives to solve your tape problems. If you have a question about tape call our toll free number 800-532-2309 or email

Video: Features and Uses of Printed Masking Tape

Using printed masking tape will help you to increase your brand awareness by adding your logo, business name, slogan and contact information to your packaging tape. Watch the video to know more about the features and uses for printed masking tape.

Slideshow: Different Types of Printed tapes at Tape-Rite Co. Inc.

Click here to Download Looking for a tape that can be printed on? Tape-Rite Co. Inc. is your ultimate stop. We sell many types of printed tapes such as printed plastic tape, printed flatback masking tape and printed gummed case sealing tape, etc. Watch this slideshow to have a glimpse of each tape. If you […]

Slideshow: Kapton® Electrical Tapes by Tape-Rite Co. Inc.

Click here to Download Kapton Electrical Tape is used for high voltage/high temperature electrical assemblies. It has excellent dimensional stability and low moisture absorption. Find the tape you are looking for at Tape-Rite. Call 800-532-2309 or email

Features and use of Printed Masking Tape

” Packaging is a big part of your business’s branding and enables you to provide extra marketing for your brand. The use of printed masking tape allows you to add your logo, business name, slogan and contact information to your packaging tape, helping to increase brand awareness. You can also use printed masking tape to […]

Video : Slippery tapes by Tape Rite, Inc.

This video presentation talks about slippery tapes which have low surface energy and can be used to replace lubricants in some applications. Tape-Rite supplies different types of slippery tapes including 423 UHMW Polyethylene Tape and 403-3 UHMW Polyethylene Tape.