Trim Attachment Tape

Trim attachment tape —

High performance double-coated tapes for attachment of exterior trim or interior accessories. Excellent resistance to weather, car washes and street grime.

These tapes are available in small rolls for retail sale.

Lens repair tape

Lens repair tape — Durable polyethylene tapes in clear, red and yellow for repairing cracked or missing tail light and turn signal lenses. Hand tearable film is easy to apply. High performance adhesive holds up under extreme conditions.

Comes standard in retail size.

Cap tape

Cap tape —
High performance foam tape that acts as a gasket and vibration absorption filler between the tops of pick-up truck sidewalls and tool boxes, campers or bed covers. Prevents damage and reduces noise due to vibration from driving.

Available in any width. Standard length is 30′ Can be bagged or shrink wrapped. Labelling is available as well.

Electrical tape

Electrical tape —

Standard electrical tape comes in black and colors. Stretchy and hand tearable it is a must for every tool kit or glove box. Perfect for covering splices, wrapping harnesses, repairing small holes and more.

Each roll comes wrapped in plastic with a label. Unlabelled or custom labelled rolls are available. Available colors are: black, white, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange, gray, brown, green and pink.

PG-21 High Temp masking tape

Automotive grade masking tape —
Specially formulated for withstanding automotive paints and high temperature baking cycles. Removes cleanly from warm or cold surfaces. Also works for low temperature powder coating. Creped backing lets you follow curves and contours without gapping or bleeding.

It comes in any width from 1/16″ up to 29″ wide. Custom packaging is available.

Self fusing silicon tape

Self-fusing silicone rubber tape —
Stretchy, non-adhesive rubber tape that bonds to itself. The perfect tape for the toolkit. Use it to cover splices, wrap harnesses, fix small leaks in hoses and more. No adhesive means it removes cleanly when you slice it off.

Aluminum foil tape

Aluminum foil tape (Speed tape) —
Thin, tough and flexible aluminum tape is the choice for covering small holes in body work or mufflers. Aggressive adhesive resists weather, car washes and street grime providing a durable temporary repair. The tape comes standard with a removable backing on the adhesive. This allows the user to tear off just what they need.

Available in any width. The most popular are 48mm (metric 2″) and 72mm (metric 3″). Available in short length rolls for retail sale.

Duct tape colors

Duct tape —
The most important invention of all time. Tough, waterproof, abrasion resistant cloth tape available in a wide range of colors. Use it to repair just about everything. Can also be used for packaging, bundling, color coding and duct work.

Available in any width or length for retail sale. Available in the following breathtaking colors: Silver (gray)*, black*, white*, yellow*, schoolbus yellow (ochre), sky blue, teal blue, dark blue*, pink, red*, burgundy*, purple*, racing orange*, tan (beige)*, dark brown*, dark green* and olive drab green*.

* indicates stock colors.