Striped Cable Tape

Cable protection tape is used to manage cable, cords, and wires to avoid accidental tripping and unplugging in warehouses, convention centers, theaters, etc. There is an adhesive-free zone down the center length of the tape so that no residue sticks to cables when the tape is removed. Removes cleanly from most surfaces.

Available in stripes and solid colors (See colors below)


This temporary adhesive tape is used for the temporary protection of cables, cords, and wires during events, parties, conventions, and other situations where temporary installation of cables is required.


Backing PE Coated Cloth
Total Thickness 11.8 mils
Adhesion to Steel 36 oz/in
Tensile Strength 29 lbs/in
Elongation 5%
Temperature Range -31ºF to 176ºF
Color Black & Yellow Stripe Solid Colors: Black, Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green, Silver, or Orange