Video: Solve Your Tape Problem with Dr. Tape

If you are having a problem finding the right tape for your specific needs, Dr. Tape is here to help you. He can solve all your tape problems. With over 38 years of experience, he is the world’s leading expert on tape and its applications. Let Dr. Tape solve all your sticky situations. Call 800-532-2309 […]

Video: Tape-Rite is The Home of Dr. Tape

Tape- Rite is the home of Dr. Tape. Founded in 1952, we work with 40 manufacturers around the world. We are the Specialists in Specialty Tapes. For high quality tape, a wide selection, large inventory and competitive prices call our toll-free number 800-532-2309 or email

Video: Ask Dr. Tape

Dr. Tape is the world’s leading expert on tapes and their applications. He lives to solve your tape problems. If you have a question about tape call our toll free number 800-532-2309 or email