We have FDA-compliant tape at Tape-Rite. These food-grade tapes are perfect for use on food packaging, food processing or handling equipment. They are available as a double-coated polyester or double-coated foam.  

FDA-compliant adhesive tapes will stick to a wide variety of substrates allowing for multiple uses. They are available as single-coated or double-coated tapes.

The FDA doesn’t test or approve these adhesive products for compliance with their regulations. The tape manufacturers test the tapes and determine whether or not they are in compliance. There are no FDA certifications available.

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FDA Compliant Tape

M1207 FDA Compliant Adhesive Tape:  Aggressive double-coated tape that will bond to most papers, films, foams and cork. In addition to FDA compliance this tape meets FMVSS 302 and UL 723, 25/50 for smoke generation and flame spread. Perfect for closing food bags and small containers.  It can be die-cut to aid in assembly of parts.

Double-Coated Foam:  Available in 1/16” thick or 1/32” thick.  Made from highly conformable polyethylene foam, these food-grade tapes are perfect for holding trim on food processing equipment or making signs in food prep areas. They have excellent cold temperature resistance making them good for use in refrigerators

Direct Food Contact Tape: Direct Food Contact Single Coated Polyester available in white or  clear. the white can be printed on

887 Flatback Tape: Printable white flatback tape. Great tensile strenght. Excellent choice for closing boxes. Compiles with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, CFR Title 21, Subpart B, Par. 175.105 (covers the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes for ‘indirect contact’ food packaging, such as box sealing). RoHS Compilant.