Single-Coated Foam Tapes

Single-Coated Foam Tapes — These tapes are made from various types of foam for hundreds of applications. The different foams include Neoprene blends, PVC, Urethane, Polyethylene and much more. Each of the foams can come in a wide range of densities and sizes. In addition they can be die-cut to finished size to help speed production.

Materials are available to meet automotive, aerospace, construction and military specifications.

Cork Tapes

Cork Tapes — Cork has been used as a gasketing material for hundreds of years. Today it is available in solid cork or cork & rubber composite. Many different varieties are available including military and aerospace spec materials. In addition to gasketing these tapes also make excellent “feet” and anti-skid pads for trays, vases, small appliances and other applications where scratch and skid resistance is needed.

Cork tapes can be easily die-cut to provide finished parts to speed your production.

Butyl Sealant Tapes

Butyl Sealant Tapes — These tapes are made from extruded uncured butyl rubber. Used extensively in construction and window manufacturing they are very sticky and bond well to a wide range of surfaces including metal, wood, most plastics, glass, brick & concrete.

They are available in a wide range of widths, thicknesses and formulations for any application. There are some common items but most is made to order. The minimum orders can be rather large so please call or e-mail with your application and let’s see what we can do.