Hexayurt Tape

Available in 72mm, 96mm and 144mm widths.

All rolls are a full 60 yards long.

Super strong tape has filaments running lengthwise and crosswise for superior strength and durability.

[table td1=”SIZE” td2=”1 – 5 ROLLS” td3=”6 – 11 ROLLS ” td4=”12 OR MORE”]

[td1] 72mm x 60yds [/td1] [td2] $19.36/rl [/td2] [td3] $17.80/rl [/td3] [td4] $16.35/rl [/td4]

[td1] 96mm x 60yds [/td1] [td2] $25.82/rl [/td2] [td3] $23.75/rl [/td3] [td4] $21.85/rl [/td4]

[td1] 144mm x 60yds [/td1] [td2] $38.72/rl [/td2] [td3] $35.60/rl [/td3] [td4] $32.75/rl [/td4]


All prices are FOB New Hyde Park, NY. Combine sizes for lowest pricing.

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