12-10 Conductive Transfer Adhesive


1210 Tape is a transfer adhesive tape that is electrically conductive in the Z direction.The thermal conductive tape is used to laminate conductive materials such as copper and aluminum foils, fabrics, foams, and other electrically conductive substrates used to make EMI/RFI shielding materials.

Features/Benefits: Conductive particles are slightly exposed on both sides of the tape to ensure low electrical resistance and increased shielding effectiveness. Release liners allow the tape to be die cut into shapes. Acrylic PS adhesive has excellent tack and adhesion values which ensure secure bonds.

Property    Value
Thickness Without Liner    0.0019 inch +/- 10%
Peel Strength    40 oz./inch (applied to 1 oz. copper)
Conductivity Through Adhesive    10 miliohms/sq.in. max (laminated to 1 oz. copper)
Temperature Resistance    155ºC / 311ºF
Shelf Life    1 year