213-L Aluminum Foil Tape


General purpose metal foil tape. Excellent for moisture proof sealing of drums or canisters. Can be used to make light-duty truck body repairs. Works well as a covering seal on exterior cable splices. This decorative aluminum foil tape can also be used as a striping material. Meets L-T-80B.

Specifications Value
Backing Thickness 0.003”
Overall Thickness 0.005”
Standard Color Silvery Metallic
Peel Adhesion 50 oz/in
Tensile Strength 30 lbs/in
Elongation at breaking 12%
Continuous Temperature Range -40ºF to 250ºF
Intermittent High Temperature (hours, days) 300ºF
Adhesive Acrylic
Storage 1 year @ 70ºD, 50% Humidity