3720 Double-Coated Tissue Tape


Double-coated tissue with an aggressive, general purpose modified acrylic adhesive for interior or exterior applications. This tape shows good adhesion on low energy plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene) as well as excellent UV and weather resistance.

Applications include : paper/paper, hemming fabric and leather, arts and crafts kits, light weight signs. Also excellent for making PE, PVC and PUR foams self-adhesive.

The use of heat and pressure will help increase the initial bond of the product. Adhesion may build by 50% during the first 24 hours depending on surfaces, heat and pressure, etc.

Specifications Value
Tape thickness 0.005”
Liner thickness (60# standard) 0.0035”
Standard color Manilla
Peel adhesion to polyester PSTC#3 144 oz/in of width per side
Tensile strength PSTC#7 34 lbs/inch of width
Shear strength PSTC#7 500 g/in² for 7 days/side
Installation temperature range 50° F to 100° F
Adhesive Rubber
Storage 2 years @ 72° F, 50% humidity