407 Aluminum/Fiberglass Tape


Designed for extreme temperature this tape is highly reflective to radiant heat. It also has high strength and flexibility. Excellent for plasma masking, grit blasting and other high temperature applications.

Meets MIL-T-83284.

Specifications Value
Backing thickness ASTM-D-3652 0.0035”
Overall thickness ASTM-D-3652 0.007”
Standard color Silvery metallic
Peel adhesion ASTM-D-1000 40 oz/in
Tensile strength ASTM-D-1000 125 lbs/in of width
Elongation at breaking ASTM-D-1000 5%
Continuous Temperature Range (weeks, months) -40° F to 500° F
Intermittent High Temperature (hours, days) 700°F
Adhesive Silicone
Storage 1 year @ 70 ° F, 50% humidity