4623 DC Scrim Tape


High performance transfer adhesive with a scrim/cloth reinforcement and a solvent free water based acrylic adhesive. Bonds well to a wide range of difficult surfaces including foams, PE and PP films. This scrim tape has excellent resistance to most environmental factors including UV, temperature and humidity.

Designed for holding down carpeting, baseboard and ceiling moldings in RV and modular construction, this water-based tape also forms a very strong bond with most plastics, metals and woods.

Works well on Low Surface Energy materials.

Specifications Value
Tape Thickness 0.0091”
Liner Thickness 90lb gold densified kraft
Standard Color Clear
Peel Adhesion to Aluminum 110 oz/in width
Elongation at Breaking 15%
Operational Temperature Range -40ºF to 203ºF
Adhesive Water-based Acrylic
Storage 1 Year @ 72ºF, 50% Humidity