5458 and 5458-L Polyester (Mylar®) Powder Coating Tape (Green or Blue)


Durable polyester film coated with a high performance silicone adhesive. Mylar masking tape is excellent for splicing silicone coated papers.  It is also used as a polyester masking tape during powder coat painting. The silicone adhesive allows for clean removal after the bake cycle.

The 5458-L comes on a clear 0.002” liner that makes it suitable for die-cutting.




Backing thickness 0.002”
Overall thickness 0.0035”
Standard color Translucent green
Peel adhesion 30 oz/inch of width
Tensile strength 50 lbs/inch of width
Elongation at breaking 100%
Adhesive Silicone
Application temperature 50o F to 90o F
Operating temperature -20o F to 400o F
Storage 1year @ 70 o F, 50% humidity