750 Paper Backed Filament Tape

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A uni-directional glass fiber filament tape with a natural creped paper backing. Excellent adhesion and tensile strength make this perfect for medium duty strapping pallets or large containers. This tape is very popular in meat and produce packing because it can be written on. It is also widely used for bundling dynamite and fuses prior to detonation. The paper backing can be written on with pen, crayon, rubber stamps, certain markers and ink jet coding heads.

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[table td1=”Specifications” td2=”value”]
[td1] Backing thickness [/td1] [td2] 0.0066” [/td2]
[td1] Overall thickness [/td1] [td2] 0.0086” [/td2]
[td1] Standard color [/td1] [td2] Natural (beige) [/td2]
[td1] Peel adhesion [/td1] [td2] 54 oz/in [/td2]
[td1] Tensile strength [/td1] [td2] 200 lb/in [/td2]
[td1] Elongation at breaking [/td1] [td2] 5% [/td2]
[td1] Adhesive [/td1] [td2] Hot Melt Synthetic Rubber [/td2]
[td1] Storage [/td1] [td2]1 year @ 70 ° F, 50% humidity [/td2]