835 Bi-Directional Filament Tape


Bi-directional means the glass fiber filaments run lengthwise and crosswise to provide extra strength and durability. It won’t split lengthwise like standard filament tapes allowing it to be used on difficult loads. This bidirectional filament tape is the perfect choice for high stress strapping requirements including heavy loads and sharp edges such as metal coils, sheet metal stacks and lumber.

It is also widely used for the assembly of Hexayurts.

Specifications Value
Backing thickness 0.003”
Overall thickness 0.0051”
Standard color Natural (beige)
Peel adhesion 91 oz/in
Tensile strength 220 lb/in (in length and width)
Elongation at breaking 6%
Adhesive Synthetic Rubber
Storage 1 year @ 70 ° F, 50% humidity