Economy grade aluminum tape with an acrylic adhesive.  Excellent for moisture proof sealing of drums or canisters, vapor barrier protection, moisture proof sealing, heat reflection & dissipation, masking in paint stripping and electroplating.  Works well in light to moderate demand applications.  Conforms to irregular surfaces. It can also be used for decorative striping.




Backing thickness  ASTM-D-3652 0.0012”
Overall thickness   ASTM-D-3652 0.0028”
Standard color Silvery metallic
Peel adhesion  ASTM-D-1000 72 oz/in
Tensile strength   ASTM-D-1000 11 lbs/in of width
Elongation at breaking  ASTM-D-1000 12%
Continuos Temperature Range (weeks, months) 14o F to 248o F
Intermittent High Temperature (hours, days) N/A
Adhesive Solvent Acrylic
Storage 1year @ 70 o F, 50% humidity