CDT 36 Cloth Duct Tape


High quality general purpose polyethylene coated cloth duct tape with a shiny finish.Available in 38 mesh (CDT 36). Extremely flexible, conformable and abrasion resistant with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive.The tape will not curl or twist during application and it can be torn by hand. Resists water damage.

These tapes can be used as a waterproof case sealing tape for military and export shipments.Also works well for duct and insulation seaming, vinyl repair, bundling of loose material and color coding.Available in Silver, Olive Drab, Black, White, Brown, Beige, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Teal Blue, Pink, Burgundy, Purple, Orange, Ochre, Light Green and Dark Green.

Backing thickness  (PSTC-33) 0.008”
Overall thickness  (ASTM-D 1000) 0.0102”
Standard color Many available
Peel adhesion (ASTM-D 3330) 36 oz/in
Tensile strength  (ASTM-D 3759) 18lbs in/width
Elongation at breaking 12%
Adhesive Natural rubber
Operating Temperature 31o F to 176o F
Application Temperature 50o F to 120o F
Storage 1year @ 72o F (22 o C), 50% humidity