Crystal Clear



These are polypropylene tapes with a solvent based acrylic adhesive. These tapes are available in a wide range of thicknesses for any application. Common applications include sealing cartons, laminating papers and reinforcing edges. The thicker versions work well as pre-cut strips for inclusion in kits or for return boxes.They work well over a wide range of temperatures.


Backing thickness 28 microns 28 microns 40 microns 60 microns
Overall thickness 0.0020” 0.0021” 0.0027” 0.0035”
Standard color Clear
Standard sizes
** This tape is also available in custom sizes **
48mm x 55yd

72mm x 55yd 48mm x 110yd 72mm x 110yd 48mm x 220yd 48mm x 1000yd 72mm x 1000yd

Peel adhesion to steel 23 oz/in 23 oz/in 28 oz/in 30 oz/in
Tensile strength 20 lb/in 21 lb/in 27 lb/in 30 lb/in
Elongation at breaking 140% for all versions
Application temperature range 32o F to 140o F for all versions
Adhesive Solvent-based acrylic
Storage 1year @ 70ºF, 50% humidity