D9100 Flame Retardant Polyurethane Moisture Barrier Tape


Extremely tough, conformable elastic transparent polyurethane film with a very aggressive polyurethane adhesive. It is designed to be used as a moisture seal for floor joints in wet areas of aircraft (galleys, cargo holds). It can be directly applied over wet sealants. Meets FAR 25.853(a), BMS-346B and Airbus 10-05-004. Suitable for die-cutting.

Specifications Value
Backing Thickness 0.007” (0.178,,)
Overall Thickness 0.009” (0.229mm)
Standard Color Clear
Peel adhesion 40 oz/in (44.8g/mm)
Tensile Strength 60 lbs/in (1.07kg/mm)
Elongation at breaking 600%
Adhesive Polyurethane
Maximum Temperature 300ºF (149ºC)
Storage 1 year @ 72ºF, 50% humidity