DC-4210VS-B Black DC Tissue


DC tissue coated on both sides with a black, modified, solvent-free acrylic adhesive,
wound on a gold release liner. Exhibits a strong direct tack and continuous adhesive
strength, as well as dynamic shear strength on most surfaces. No plasticizer migration
on most surfaces. Excellent corrugators’ splicing tape. Used in manufacturing for
continuous web processes when a visual splice is needed. Good temperature, UV and
aging resistance.

Total thickness: 0.0039 – ASTM-D-3652
Peel strength to stainless steel: >47oz/in – ASTM-D 1000
Breaking strength: N/A
Elongation at break:  1%
Temperature resistance: -40 F to 320 F
Adhesive: Solvent free acrylic
Shelf life: 1 year when stored @ 70
degrees F and 50% R.H.