GXP 575 Vinyl Graphics Application Tape


Natural paper saturated with a natural rubber, low tack adhesive. This tape is specifically designed for vinyl letter transfer sign making. Excellent for hard to lift vinyl, rough or embossed vinyl and wet application vinyl. It also works well as a low tack protective paper for polished metal and plastics.

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[table td1=”Specifications” td2=”value”]
[td1] Overall thickness [/td1] [td2] 0.0045” [/td2]
[td1] Standard color [/td1] [td2] Natural [/td2]
[td1] Peel adhesion (ounces/inch of width) [/td1] [td2] 16 – 18 [/td2]
[td1] Tensile strength (LB/inch) [/td1] [td2] 17 [/td2]
[td1] Elongation at breaking (%) [/td1] [td2] 3 – 4% [/td2]
[td1] Tear resistance (ounces) [/td1] [td2] 2 – 3 [/td2]
[td1] Adhesive [/td1] [td2] Natural rubber [/td2]
[td1] Storage [/td1] [td2] 1 year @ 72° F, 50% humidity [/td2]