R-2208 Double-Coated Foam Tape


A 6 lb. density, white closed cell, cross linked polyethylene foam coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive on both sides. Available in black as B181 and in white as 6181.

Used for general bonding and mounting of signs, mirrors, moldings, extrusions, etc. 6181 exhibits good tack with excellent shear and adhesion to most surfaces. Easily die-cut to shape.

The use of heat and pressure will help increase the initial bond of the product. Adhesion may build by 50% during the first 24 hours depending on surfaces, heat and pressure, etc.

Specifications Value
Tape thickness 0.031”
Liner thickness (60# standard) 0.0035”
Standard color White (Item# 6181) or Black (Item# B181)
Peel adhesion to polyester PSTC#3 Product destruction prior to peel
Peel adhesion to polyester PSTC#1 160 oz/in
Shear strength PSTC#7 1000 g/in² for 14 days/side,
Installation temperature range 50° F to 100° F
Adhesive Synthetic rubber
Storage 1 year @ 72° F, 50% humidity