6.0 mil. Enclosed lens retroreflective urethane film coated with a permanent acrylic liner. Primarily designed for permanent & temporary traffic signage. Also used for work zone devices and non-critical signs where retroreflection is necessary. Exceeds requirements of ASTM D4956 Type I and EN-12899 RA1. Uniform daytime and nighttime visual appearance. Application surface should be flat (not recommended for unpainted stainless steel surfaces. Product may be screen printed, thermal transfer printed, thermal die-cut, flat bed sign-cut, drum roller sign-cut, or steel rule sign-cut. 3” neutral paper core.

6 SOLID COLORS AVAILABLE. Silver (white), orange, yellow, red, green, and blue.




Colors Silver (white), black, yellow, red, green, and blue
Peel adhesion (ASTM-D 3330) 43 oz/in
Adhesive Acrylic
Operating Temperature -10o F to 150o F (-23o C to 65o C)
Application Temperature 65ºF (18ºC)