Safety Tapes

Safety Step Tape

Safety tape, high visibility reflective tape and anti-slip stair tape help prevent accidents by highlighting dangerous situations on stairs, factory floors, mechanical rooms, truck bodies and trailers and wherever else they might be needed.

Safety Step Tape

Anti-slip safety step tapes

Durable silicone carbide grit provides a high traction anti-slip surface indoors or outdoors on stairs, ladders, ramps, walkways, etc. Use to comply with OSHA 1910.263 (3). Available in rolls or pre-cut cleats in a wide range of sizes and colors.

New Glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tape is now available!

Colored Vinyl Safety Tape

Colored vinyl (SPVC) tapes

Used to comply with OSHA requirements for aisle marking and safety identification. These tapes are also used for decorative striping, container sealing, harness wrapping and masking for anodizing. Available in virtually any width and these 16 colors: clear, white, yellow, black, red, orange, dark blue, medium blue, sky blue, gray, purple, dark brown, medium brown, light green, kelley green and dark emerald green.

Striped Safety Tape

Hazard stripe aisle marking tape

Striped tape for marking aisles, stairs, curbs and other potential hazard areas. Available in standard yellow and black as well as red and white, black and white, green and white, and purple and yellow. Durable overlamination prevents abrasion and fading of the stripes.

Reflective Tapes

These tapes provide high visibility in low light situations allowing hazardous situations to be avoided. These tapes are available in a range of grades and colors for any application from signage and traffic barriers to DOT spec for truck bodies and trailers.

Glow in the dark safety tape

Glow-in-the-dark tapes (Photoluminescent tapes)

These tapes absorb light from any source and then glow for hours once it gets dark. Different grades glow for different lengths of time. These are perfect for marking stairs, doorways, walls, baseboards and handrails. Also used for marking stage positions in theatre productions. They can be die-cut and screen-printed to make signs to identify exits and safety equipment. Now available in anti-slip safety tape.

Food Safety Tape

Food Safety Tapes are the perfect way to prevent tampering on food delivery, pre-packaged meals and meal kit boxes. They can also be used to insure that specialty meals such as Kosher, Halal and Vegan maintain their integrity.