Double-coated foam tapes
Double-Coated Foam Tapes —

Strong double-coated tapes with a soft foam core. They come in 1/32″, 1/16″, 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick. The thicker foam core is perfect for rough or irregular surfaces or for filling in gaps. They can be slit to almost any width or they can be pre-cut into pieces for easy use. Available in black or white.

Perfect for signs, displays, auto body trim, toys and product assembly. Pre-cut pieces or small rolls can be used in kits.

Vinyl graphics application tape
Vinyl Graphics Application Tape —

Special low-tack tapes used to pick up and position pre-cut vinyl letters. They can also be used to protect finished surfaces from dirt, dust, scratches and fingerprints. Standard widths up to 48″ wide and lengths of 100 and 200 yards.

Available in white paper or blue tint plastic.

Banner hemming tape
Banner Hemming Tape —

Specially formulated double-coated tape that’s the perfect solution for banner hemming. High performance adhesive holds fast under any environmental conditions including direct sunlight. This tape is also an excellent high performance product for most smooth surfaces including papers, fabrics and plastic films.

In stock in any width up to 18″ wide. Wider widths available as a special order.

Screen edging tape
Screen Edging Tape —

A durable, tear resistant polyethylene tape that seals the edge of the screen into its frame. This prevents ink from seeping through, eliminating damage and messy clean-ups of ink. This tape won’t lift or peel during screening and it won’t disintegrate when exposed to inks, solvents or frame cleaners.

Available in any width you require in a range of colors.

Blue Painter's Tape
Blue Painter’s Tape —

Blue painter’s tape is the perfect tape to help install vinyl graphics or mask off sensitive areas for painting. Its special adhesive holds firmly yet removes without residue or staining. This lets you position your graphics for a “dry fit” to make sure there are no problems.

This tape can be used on vehicles, sign substrates, glass, moldings, trim, painted walls and floors, painted metal, rigid plastics and fiberglass. It will stand up to 2 weeks in direct sunlight.

Not for use on lacquer, wallpaper, unpainted wood, unpainted wallboard or plaster.

Velcro hook and loop fastener
Hook & Loop Fastener —

The perfect device for temporary fastening of signs, photos and banners to displays, walls, vehicles, wherever you need it. It is available with or without adhesive. The hook side is compatible with many fabrics used on office dividers and trade show displays.

Hook & Loop can be made into straps, coins, strips or other shapes to meet any requirement. In addition there are dozens of accessories including buckles, D-rings, swivels and more to let you use Hook & Loop in any way you can imagine.