AFTC™ SilverTape® is a double sided high performance acrylic based adhesive tape, which is especially designed for the bonding of high and medium energy surfaces as well as various transparent plastics where a highly transparent bond is required and no stress corrosion may occur. Due to their conformability they are capable of bonding a variety of different thin and structured materials full surface and tension free. The tape is capable of absorbing the differing thermal expansions of the two different materials. More advantages: vibration dampening, very good sealing properties, very good resistance to weathering, aging, yellowing (UV influence), chemicals, plasticizers, resulting in excellent long term stability.




APPLICATION GUIDELINES – Every good bond starts with proper surface preparation.This preparation consists of several steps, such as cleaning, abrading, applying pressure, the use of a primer and the right working environment. It is important to ensure your work area to be clean and free from dust and contaminants.

A minimum temperature of 15 ̊Celsius is required.