This product is a double sided general purpose acrylic-based adhesive tape. This conformable tape is specially designed for the bonding of materials with high and medium energy substrates in low temperature ranges. It is also capable of absorbing the different thermal expansions of two materials. This acrylic foam tape has a very high initial tack due to AFTC’s coating 41. Coating 41 has been specifically modified to improve bonding at temperatures as low as 0ºC. In combination with a primer, this SilverTape family guarantees excellent adhesion performance even on low surface energy substrates.

90º Peel Adhesion22 lb/in (38 N/10mm)ASTM D3330
Dynamic Shear Strength85 lb/in^2 (590 kPa)ASTM D-1002
Normal Tensile Strength85 lb/in^2 (590 kPa)ASTM D-897

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