Single-coated foam tapes are made from many different materials that are used in a wide range of gasketing and weatherproofing applications. They can also be used for noise and vibration abatement. All of them are available in many different widths and thicknesses.


SCE-41B Made from a blend of Neoprene, EPDM and SBR rubbers this material exhibits excellent conformability, abrasion resistance, compression and rebound. It is available with a wide range of adhesives for a broad range of applications.

Used as a gasket in HVAC, architectural metal storefronts, general industrial and automotive applications. Meets automotive spec B41-NES.

2 LB Urethane Foam

2 LB Urethane Foam Made from lightweight urethane foam it is highly compressible making it perfect for filling uneven gaps around windows and doors. Its light weight, conformability and moisture absorption make it perfect for use in headbands and visors.

Low Density PVC Foam Tapes

Low Density PVC Foam Tapes These foams are cast in a wide range of densities from 6 lbs/cubic foot up to 15 lbs/cubic foot. They are very good as weatherstripping, noise and vibration abatement. They are used in van and limousine conversions to prevent leaks and rattles.

They are available in black or light gray. For added abrasion resistance a polyester top coat is available on the non-adhesive side.