These tapes have low surface energy which is a fancy way of saying that things like ink or adhesives have a very hard time sticking to them. Most of them are also very slippery which means they can be used to replace lubricants in some applications.
Teflon Tape
Teflon® (PTFE) Tapes —

These tapes are made from solid Teflon® or PTFE film, usually with a high performance silicone adhesive. While they are very slippery they are not very abrasion resistant and they can be expensive. However if you need something for a high temperature environment (over 300°F) then they are what you need.

PTFE/Glass Cloth Tape
Teflon® (PTFE) Coated Fiberglass Cloth Tape —

These tapes are made from durable fiberglass cloth coated with a thin layer of Teflon® or PTFE film. They are used extensively on heat sealing equipment that is used to make or seal plastic bags and wrappers. They are generally supplied with a high performance silicone adhesive that resists temperatures up to 500o F.
They are available in a wide range of thicknesses. However only the thickness of the fiberglass changes. The Teflon® or PTFE coating stays the same. You can also get them with or without a protective backing on the adhesive.

UHMW Tape —

Made from very dense polyethylene UHMW is the second slipperiest man-made material after PTFE. It is also extremely abrasion resistant and chemically inert. It works great as a no mess lubricant on sliding parts such as drawer runners, it can be used on machinery to prevent products from sticking as they pass through the machine, it prevents squeaks where metal panels touch as well as prevent dissimilar metals corrosion.
It is available in clear or black in a wide range of thicknesses. It can come with or without a protective backing.

Tesa 4863 Dimpled Roller Wrap
Tesa 4853 Smooth Roller Wrap
ROLLER WRAP TAPES (TESA 4863 & 4563) —

These tapes are used to resurface rollers on printing presses, sheet feeders, conveyors and wherever rollers are used to transport sheets or webs of paper and plastic. Their unique surface combines low surface energy that prevents ink and adhesive from sticking with a high coefficient of friction that lets them grab onto papers, plastics and this metals to pull them through processing equipment. The 4863 has a dimpled surface that works well on papers, the 4563 has a smooth surface that work leave marks on thin plastics or curing composites. The standard size for both is 2″ x 27.5yds but custom sizes are available.