Surface Protection tapes are designed to prevent dirt and damage to finished metals, plastics, wood, stone, and more. Used in aerospace, automotive, appliance, construction, and wherever a surface needs temporary protection.


Mask-Off™ — Protex™ Surface Protection tapes from Mask-Off™ are the industry standard for high performance protection against dirt, grease, and scratches.

Used extensively in aerospace, appliances, and automotive applications.



Blue Guard — Durable PVC film with low tack adhesive designed for protecting polished metals and other finished surfaces. It can be exposed to sunlight for 1 year and still remove cleanly, making it ideal for protecting windows at job sites.



Protective Paper — Durable, natural paper with low tack rubber adhesive designed to protect plastics and metals from dirt, grease, and scratches. It can be printed with instruction or logos as needed.


Polyethylene Protective Film — Low cost protective film made form polyethylene. This material comes in several variations for different applications. Use it to protect carpeting during remodeling, countertops during installation, finished metals during handling and shipping, and it prevents scratches on plastics.

Available in blue (standard), clear, or white.