Slide: An Overview of Electrical Insulation Tapes

Click here to Download Electrical insulation tape can be applied to bare wire by rolling the tape both around and along the wire. Make sure that there are no gaps to ensure good insulation and to lock out moisture.

Slideshow: Teflon™ Electrical Tape

Tape-Rite Co. Inc. (The Home of Dr. Tape (Tape-Rite online)) deals in Teflon™ electrical tape. The tapes are temperature, electrical and chemical resistance and pressure sensitive. There are a wide range of electrical tapes available, including 704-2 FEP Film Tape, DW 215-5 Teflon, DW 204-5 Teflon, DW 204-2 HD Teflon, DW 134-5 PTFE/Glass Cloth Tape […]