These tapes provide visual and physical evidence that a package may have been tampered with. They use distinctive printing, special adhesives or self-destructing construction to do this.


Printed tapes
Printed tapes —Regular tapes of all types can be printed with your name and logo or other distinctive imprint to alert customers if your package has been opened. Different sizes and types can be used for boxes of all sizes as well as bottles/jars, tins, retail boxes and more. We can work with your artwork or we will create it to meet your needs.


Self-destructing tape
Self-destructing tape — The perfect way to add tamper evidence to small boxes. These tapes have serrated edges that cause them to shred when you try to remove them thus preventing them from being re-applied. They are available in clear with red printing or red with black printing. Custom imprints are also available.


Void tape
Void tape — Tough polyester tape with a special adhesive that leaves the words “VOID” and “OPENED” on the box when it is removed. Perfect for high security shipments such as pharmaceutical, lab samples, money bags, credit cards and other high security shipments. It is also available with serial numbers and or custom imprints for further security. NOT SUITABLE FOR RECYCLED OR IMPORT CARTONS. ALLOW 6 HOURS FOR FULL ADHESION TO BE REACHED. Available in blue or red.