Some adhesive tapes are useful for home repairs. Adhesive tapes that are waterproof, have the ability to withstand high temperature and provide high tensile strength make it to the category of home repair adhesive tapes.

Common Types of Tapes for Home Repairs

Duct tape: Due to its versatility, duct tape is used to repair hoses or upholstery, repair cracked windows or to keep floor rugs in place and secure cables.
Gaffer Tape: Mainly used by builders to provide a waterproof seal, repair carpets, or sheeting up polythene tents.
Foam adhesive tape: Handy to seal doors and windows and offers water tightness. Used to prevent escape of heat from inside.
Packaging tape: Commonly used in packaging or packing materials. This tape is brown or transparent in color and usually blends while wrapping a brown box and is transparent for boxes that are printed.
Double-sided tape: Has two tacked sides used for sticking two surfaces together. It is a versatile tape that comes in various colors, widths and thickness. It comes with various adhesives and has the ability to withstand temperature up to 160 degree Celsius.

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