Video: Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium foil tapes have a wide range of applications ranging from electronics to decoration to sporting goods.

Video: Printed Athletic Tape

No more boring athletic tape. Get your own signature athletic tape and inspire your athletes by printing a school logo, organizational logo, or team logo on your athletic tape. Buy it from Tape-Rite Co. Inc. For more information, call 800-532-2309.

Video: Promote Your Brand with Printed Tape

Printed tape is ideal for promoting your brand by printing your company name, logo, phone number or address on it. Printed tape offers a wide range of choices of colors, fonts and styles. At Tape-Rite Co. Inc, we do our own printing. Contact us today at 800-532-2309 with your order.

Video: 409 Aluminium Tape

409 aluminium foil tape can withstand high temperature. It also has high strength and flexibility.

Video: Double-Coated Paper Tape

Double-coated paper tapes are designed for quick adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. They are available in a wide range of sizes.

Video: Why Double Coated Foam Tape?

Double coated foam tape provides super adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, fills in any imperfections in the surface, prevents air and water infiltration, give a clean finished look to signs and displays, and are available in almost any width and thickness. Need a double coated foam tape? Let Tape-Rite Co. Inc. (The Home […]

Slideshow: Teflon™ Electrical Tape

Tape-Rite Co. Inc. (The Home of Dr. Tape (Tape-Rite online)) deals in Teflon™ electrical tape. The tapes are temperature, electrical and chemical resistance and pressure sensitive. There are a wide range of electrical tapes available, including 704-2 FEP Film Tape, DW 215-5 Teflon, DW 204-5 Teflon, DW 204-2 HD Teflon, DW 134-5 PTFE/Glass Cloth Tape […]

Slideshow: Cloth Duct Tapes By Tape-Rite, Inc.

Do you require high quality, flexible, conformable, abrasion and water resistant cloth duct tape, which can be used in waterproof case sealing, duct and insulation sealing and color coding? Contact Tape-Rite Co. Inc. We sell various kinds of cloth duct tapes. They come in different colors and are easily applicable as they have an aggressive […]

Video: Looking for Double Coated Tapes?

Tape-Rite offers wide collection of double-coated tapes including double-coated paper tape, double-coated plastic tape, double-coated cloth tape, double-coated metal foil tape, double-coated foam tape and double-coated polyester tape.

Video : Double Coated Adhesive Tapes – An Overview

Watch the video to learn more about double coated adhesive tapes, including its usage as well as the different varieties of double coated adhesive tapes available. If you want to purchase double coated adhesive tapes, contact Tape-Rite Co. Inc. We are the largest seller of double coated adhesive tapes.