Video: Solve Your Tape Problem with Dr. Tape

If you are having a problem finding the right tape for your specific needs, Dr. Tape is here to help you. He can solve all your tape problems. With over 38 years of experience, he is the world’s leading expert on tape and its applications. Let Dr. Tape solve all your sticky situations. Call 800-532-2309 […]

Video: Tape-Rite is The Home of Dr. Tape

Tape- Rite is the home of Dr. Tape. Founded in 1952, we work with 40 manufacturers around the world. We are the Specialists in Specialty Tapes. For high quality tape, a wide selection, large inventory and competitive prices call our toll-free number 800-532-2309 or email

Video: Ask Dr. Tape

Dr. Tape is the world’s leading expert on tapes and their applications. He lives to solve your tape problems. If you have a question about tape call our toll free number 800-532-2309 or email

Video: Features and Uses of Printed Masking Tape

Using printed masking tape will help you to increase your brand awareness by adding your logo, business name, slogan and contact information to your packaging tape. Watch the video to know more about the features and uses for printed masking tape.

Video : Slippery tapes by Tape Rite, Inc.

This video presentation talks about slippery tapes which have low surface energy and can be used to replace lubricants in some applications. Tape-Rite supplies different types of slippery tapes including 423 UHMW Polyethylene Tape and 403-3 UHMW Polyethylene Tape.

Video: Need tapes for aircraft maintenance?

This video describes about the wide variety of aircraft maintenance tapes supplied by Tape-Rite Co. Inc. (The Home of Dr. Tape (Tape-Rite online)), like Cargo Pit Tape, double coated carpet tape, moisture barrier tape, speed tape, etc.

Video: Paper Surface Protection Tape

Paper surface protection tape is made from durable scratch resistant paper. This tape can be printed with custom information or corporate logo. Paper surface protection tape can protect acrylic plastic sheets from damage. At Tape-Rite Co. Inc., we sell the complete line of Protex surface protection materials by MASK-OFF. For product information, call us at […]

Video: Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium foil tapes have a wide range of applications ranging from electronics to decoration to sporting goods.

Video: Printed Athletic Tape

No more boring athletic tape. Get your own signature athletic tape and inspire your athletes by printing a school logo, organizational logo, or team logo on your athletic tape. Buy it from Tape-Rite Co. Inc. For more information, call 800-532-2309.

Video: Promote Your Brand with Printed Tape

Printed tape is ideal for promoting your brand by printing your company name, logo, phone number or address on it. Printed tape offers a wide range of choices of colors, fonts and styles. At Tape-Rite Co. Inc, we do our own printing. Contact us today at 800-532-2309 with your order.