Double coated tapes are any pressure sensitive tapes coated with adhesive on both sides. They are designed to stick two surfaces together. They are fabricated in materials including paper, foam and cloth. They can also be used for dampening purposes and may be applied to low and high surface energy materials. They can have rubber, acrylic, synthetic rubber, conductive or silicone adhesives. They can easily die-cut for quick application.


Medical, appliance, automotive, and electronic industries uses double coated adhesive tapes for:

Types of Double Coated Adhesive Tapes

Foam tapes – They are composed of open or closed cells. They are coated with acrylic adhesive on both sides. Polyethylene, urethane and vinyl materials are some of the common types of foam tapes. They are useful for sound dampening, mounting and gasket application. They are resistant to different temperatures.

Cotton/ cloth tapes – These tapes have a heavy coating. They are suitable for application to dissimilar or uneven surfaces. They are also used for mounting and sealing in the printing industry.

Paper Tapes – They are coated with adhesives on both sides and can be torn. They are used for general bonding of applications. They are also useful for bonding uneven surfaces. These tapes are resistant to certain chemicals. Paper tapes may also include crepe tapes and flat back tapes.

It is important to note that before applying the adhesive tapes on any surface, one must check whether the space is oil-free and clear of contaminants as it might affect the adhesiveness of the tape.

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