Double sided tapes are used to stick and hold two surfaces together. These tapes have both of its surfaces coated with adhesive. Most double sided tapes can be removed without leaving residue. These tapes are used for various purposes, and are available in different varieties.

Uses for Double Sided Tape

  1. Double sided tapes are used for mounting objects in certain jobs.
  2. These tapes are used to stick objects together, like objects for arts and crafts projects.
  3. Can be used for home furnishings.
  4. Double-sided tape can create a 3-D effect by elevating borders and accents off the page.
  5. Removable double sided tape can be used to keep historical photos in a book without causing damage.
  6. Can be used to keep loose straps in place on clothing.
  7. Can be used to wrap gifts.
  8. Double-sided mounting tape is used to hang papers or other light objects on walls.

Double Sided Tape in New York

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