103 Low Lead Vinyl Electrical


Product Description

  • Soft PVC film (or PVC copolymer film) coated tape; suitably plasticized and stabilized
  • One sided coating of rubber-based, pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Matte finish, low lead electrical tape
  • Flame retardant
  • UL 510 listed and CSA approved. Meets ROHS and California Standards on lead content.


  • Used for joining and splicing wires and cables for electrical insulation.
  • Colors used for identification – Use catalog # 103 for black, 103C for colors.


  • Suitable for uses under 600V or 105°C (220°F)
  • Ideal for all applications where UL listed insulating materials are required.
  • Non-corrosive, pressure-sensitive adhesive eliminates the need of heat, moisture, or other catalysts to affect application. No known hazards
  • Colors available: “C” series: White, yellow, red, orange, brown, gray, blue, green; Black

Storage Details

  • Recommended one-year shelf life from date of dispatch if kept at moderate temperatures and humidity levels
Specifications Value
Tape Thickness mm/mils 0.18 / 7.0
Adhesion to Steel 18 oz/in
Adhesion to Backing 18 oz/in
Elongation at breaking 200%
Tensile Strength 18 lbs/in
Dielectric at break 1250 volts/mil