213-M Aluminum Foil Tape MIL Spec


High temperature aluminum foil tape. Used for paint stripping and masking on aircraft. This aviation tape has exceptional resistance to solvents and jet fuel. Comes self-wound only (no liner). Meets MIL-T-23397b and MIL-T-23397c.

Specifications Value
Backing Thickness 0.003”
Overall Thickness 0.005”
Standard Color Silvery Metallic
Peel Adhesion 50 oz/in
Tensile Strength 26 lbs/in
Elongation at breaking 5%
Continuous Temperature Range -40ºF to 250ºF
Intermittent High Temperature (hours, days) 300ºF
Adhesive Acrylic
Storage 1 year @ 70ºD, 50% Humidity