2975-8R Fiberglass Cloth


Manufactured from silicone rubber/fiberglass cloth backing coated with high-temperature adhesive.

ApplicationsUsed in the plasma spray process—a method of applying thin coatings of metal or high-temperature ceramics to a surface. The coating is sprayed at high pressure and at extreme temperatures. The tape is applied adjacent to areas of parts, which are to be plasma sprayed. These tapes protect these areas both from the grit blasting, which is used as a surface preparation, and from the actual plasma spray coating.

Features/Benefits Designed to withstand both the punishing abrasion of grit blasting and the extreme temperatures/pressures associated with the plasma spray process. The adhesive is a hightemperature silicone, which allows the product to withstand continuous temperatures up to 500°F and also prevents tape slippage after application. These tapes have excellent strength and flexibility, which allows for easy wrapping of complex shapes and minimizes wrinkling during the flexing of cables.

Specifications Value
Backing material Glass-Silicone
Adhesive Type Silicone
Total thickness .0105″
Backing thickness .0070″
Adhesive thickness .0035″
Adhesion to steel 50 oz/in
Tensile strength 150 lbs/in
Dielectric strength 7000 volts
Elongation at break 5%
Operating temperature -100 to 500 °F
Color White