33M8H Double-Coated Polyester Tape


Clear polyester substrate with an acrylic adhesive on both sides. Has excellent resistance to plasticizers and UV light. Excellent temperature range and good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces make this an ideal tape for many jobs. It is especially good as a banner hemming tape. Available with 80# bleached liner standard.

Applications include: bonding to most foams and rubber sponge to make weather seals and gaskets or sound/vibration control surfaces

Excellent adhesion to low-energy surfaces makes it an excellent splicing tape as well.

Specifications Value
Tape Thickness 0.004”
Liner Thickness 0.0045”
Standard Color Transparent
Peel Adhesion (Unwind Side) 88 oz/in
Peel Adhesion (Liner Side) 96 oz/in
Shear Strength (Unwind Side) 500 gms/sq in for 7 days/side
Shear Strength (Liner Side) 500 gms/sq in for 7 days/side
Elongation at Breaking N/A
Installation Temperature Range 50ºF to 150ºF
Max Operating Temperatures 280ºF Continuous, 350ºF Intermittent
Adhesive Acrylic
Storage 2 years @ 72ºF, 50% humidity


The use of heat and pressure will help increase the initial bond of the product. Adhesion may build by 50% during the first 24 hours depending on surfaces, heat and pressure, etc.