6605-10 Fiberglass Cloth Tape


High temperature fiberglass tape. Used to wrap transformers, coils, wiring harnesses and audio crossovers. Approved UL Recognized Class 180 °C. Pre-cured non-corrosive silicone adhesive is resistant to flagging and varnish solvents. This fiberglass adhesive tape meets UL 510 flammability requirements. Complies with MIL-19166C and MIL-I-15126 type GFT.

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[table td1=”Specifications” td2=”value”]
[td1] Backing thickness [/td1] [td2]0.005”[/td2]
[td1] Overall thickness [/td1] [td2] 0.004” [/td2]
[td1] Standard color [/td1] [td2] Natural (White)[/td2]
[td1] Peel adhesion [/td1] [td2] 30 oz/in[/td2]
[td1] Tensile strength [/td1] [td2] 170 lb/in[/td2]
[td1] Elongation at breaking [/td1] [td2] 8% [/td2]
[td1] Breakdown voltage (Dielectric strength) [/td1] [td2] 6700 volts[/td2]
[td1] Operating temperature range [/td1] [td2] -73°C to 260° C
-100°F to 500° F [/td2]
[td1] Class of insulation [/td1] [td2] H [/td2]
[td1] Adhesive [/td1] [td2] Silicone [/td2]
[td1] Storage [/td1] [td2] 6 months @ 70°F, 50% humidity[/td2][/table]