IT-7300 Therm-X™ Glass Cloth Tape


Ideal Glass Cloth Therm-X Electrical Tapes are designed to offer efficiencies in application and versatility in selection.

Uses: Coil wrap, crossover insulation, coil banding.

Features/Benefits: Ideal has combined glass cloth with our Therm-X pre-cured adhesives to maximize resistance to flagging and varnish solvents. Razor slitting is used to provide fray- free edges. IT-7300 also complies with flammability requirements (UL510). IT-7300 complies with U.S government specification MIL-19166c. All adhesives are non-corrosive.

* Shelf life is six (6) months under normal conditions of 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Pressure Sensitive Tape Council test methods used where applicable. Tests represent typical performance values. Specific values on request.

Specifications Value
Insulation Class 180°C
Total Thickness (Mils) 7.0
Backing Thickness (Mils) 5.0
Adhesion to Backing (oz/in) 15
Adhesion/Steel (oz/in) 40
Dielectric Breakdown (Volts) 3000
Tensile Strength (lb/in) 170
Elongation at Break (%) 8
Color White
Adhesive System Silicone