PWT-10C Black Vinyl Pipe Wrap/Electrical Tape


Heavy duty black pipe wrap tape made from PVC with a rubber adhesive. UL/CSA listed. Designed for wrapping pipes and cables for direct burial in the ground. Our vinyl electrical tape is highly resistant to sun, water, oil, alkalis, acids and other corrosive liquids. Used for heavy duty wire and cable insulation, bundling, primary splice insulation as well. NOT FLAME RETARDANT.

Available in any width you require. Standard length is 100′ but other lengths are available.

Specifications Value
Substrate thickness 0.010”
Overall thickness 0.0115”
Standard color Black
Peel adhesion 12oz/in
Tensile strength 20 lb/in
Elongation at breaking 276%
Breakdown voltage (Dielectric strength) 10000 volts
Temperature resistance 176o F (80° C)
Adhesive Natural rubber
Storage 1 year @ 70° F, 50% humidity