Double sided tape is a super sticky pressure sensitive tape, coated with adhesive on both sides. Super sticky double sided tapes provide a neat look when two surfaces stick together. Double sided tapes are usually made from strong adhesive and heavy materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyester. Due to its strong adhesive nature and durability, double sided tapes come in handy for sticking almost any household or commercial material.

Significant Use of Super Sticky Double Sided Tapes

  1. It sticks two surfaces together without leaving residue when peeled away, unlike other adhesive tapes.
  2. Able to stick rough surfaces which require thick layers of adhesive bonds due to its pressure sensitive bonds.
  3. Due to its high adhesive quality, it is used as an adhesive in garments.
  4. Ability to stick household materials like cardboard, art papers, and crafts with ease.

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